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Rewards and Compensation

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Compensation Strategy and Differentiators

Compensation Strategy & Differentiators – At HR Inputs, we draw competitive rewards strategies for key job roles so that your top talent is retained while being motivated to perform at the same time.

We list the best rewards offered in the pay market so that you deliver on the same lines as your employees.

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Employee Benefits Design and Administration

Employee Benefits Design and Administration – Salary components, bonuses and long-term incentives are part of the war for talent. While the best of benefits is promised during recruitment, we ensure it is rolled out during the employment cycle.

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Compensation structure

Compensation structure – Design market-driven compensation structures based on employee grade, basic and bonus pay, years in the industry and performance metrics straight from ground up.

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Annual Pay planning

Annual Pay Planning – HR Inputs runs an assisted budgeting programme before the start of the financial year so that you make sound decisions in pay planning. Whether the year will see more promotions, hikes or mass recruitment is more a data-driven choice that much depends on market pricing of those jobs.

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Building High Performance Teams through Reward Structures

Building High Performance Teams through Reward Structures – Craft better pay packages, equity options or recognition efforts to boost collaboration. Team-based rewards can also lead to repeat outcomes of success owing to rewards that are equitable and fair.