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HR Shared Services

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Organizational setup – Registrations and Laisioning

Organizational setup – Registrations and Liaisoning – Are you a global company looking to set up business in India? Or are you an entrepreneur trying to register your startup?

At HR Inputs, we simplify corporate entity registration by acting as your legal representative and minimizing delay and red tape.

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Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing – Discover end-to-end managed services in payroll delivery through our secure, ISO-certified systems.

Whether you have contract staff, regular employees or have to pay employees on special projects, we make payroll less complex and 100% accurate.

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Statutory Benefit Administration

Statutory Benefit Administration – Register your workforce with statutory bodies for EPF, pension and savings schemes through us. Be it workforce category, wages or government benefits, we take off the administrative load from you.

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Statutory Compliance Audits

Statutory Compliance Audits – Stay secure and compliant as we run a comprehensive audit over your company’s taxes, contributions, wages, claims and a host of other laws ranging from Data Privacy, IP and Industry laws.

HR Automation

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HR Automation – Our digital-first approach leverages the power of automation in all our HR processes. We consolidate HR data to streamline delivery effectively into your employees’ HR dashboards either on desktops or mobile phones.

Cost-efficient, viable and managed in real-time, our automated processes offer your enterprise a leap into sustainable, machine-supported HR management.

Background Verifications

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Background Verifications – Whether you are hiring for the Board or specific roles, we ensure that all candidates are subject to an extensive background check to mitigate reputational risk and fraud.

Exit Management

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Exit Management – We help you formulate the best exit strategies for your outgoing employees so that they leave a lasting impression for the next wave of talents. Our dedicated team ensures separation settlement, data and device retrieval and a detailed feedback register.